Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alaskan Slideshow

{waiting for the rain to stop}
{typical supper}
{nomad navajo indian we met in new mexico}
{The Grand Canyon, indescribable!}
{Cu's first-ever s'more}
{finally got to go to California!}
{the Pacific Ocean}
{Banff pic still doesn't capture how pretty it was}

{we made it!}
{the Alaska highway...b-e-a-utiful}
{that guy's cousin stole our food}
{Tired, dirty, and the bike, but we did it!}
{selling the bike!} :(

Trip Review:
Read about the start of their trip here!
Then follow them along here, here, here, and here 
AND don't forget the side panel for Leslie's text updates.

Dear Leslie and Cuan,
Thank you for sharing your writing and photography skills with us.
Thanks to your descriptive texts, emails, and pictures,
 it is as if we were along for the ride.
This was one incredible trip, my deary! Love you.

xo- Linz

ps- I heart the picture of y'all on the beach!!!

1 comment:

purpledog46 said...

What a brave young woman to attempt such an adventure and what a great guy to provide the opportunity!

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