Monday, August 23, 2010

it's monday, y'all...

...but I want to talk about the weekend! Over the weekend both of my sisters and brother-in-law came to visit. Ohhhh- it was so much fun. I am sure my sisters thought I was acting crazy (to be honest I did blame it on the sugar rush I got from Another Broken Egg, where I had french toast with bananas foster on top for breakfast with the Tisons on Sunday morning-oh and don't forget the whipped cream) BUT I am pretty sure I was just giddy from having everyone home. I like to think of myself as free spirit that goes where the wind takes me, like a gypsy woman, but when I am honest with myself I realize my heart sings when I am home spending time with my family.

After spending more time picking out what we were going to wear for our family pictures than it actually took us to take the darn things, we all had dinner together. The Edwards and the Chumleys joined us. It was a combined celebration for Mrs. Cynthia and Ryan's birthday, Lauren & David's baby news, Leslie's last semester of school, Roxanne and Matthew's anniversary, and everyone being happy and healthy and together!

Because of all the happiness in the air, Dad joked that we were about to get a phone call that announced we had won a million dollars and a trip around the world. We are still waiting for the phone to ring about that one, though the weekend did seem surreal, sort of like Leave it to Beaver.

{Hand made scarf by Mother of Pearls, Diane Hudson, especially for Mrs. Cynthia}
{Did you know that Bergeron Pecans are in Kleinpeter ice cream sold at Brookshires?}
{Leslie presented a slide show of her trip to Alaska- with the map and all!}

Love you family!


Anonymous said...

Love that SCARF!! Beth

linz marie said...

she is so good, Beth! Seriously, that woman amazes me daily. I am thinking of taking a class in the fall, if you are interested :)

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