Thursday, February 28, 2013

stay tuned...

I have been tagging my favorite songs the last two months as I cruise around town. They are the kind of songs that make you stay in your car just to finish them even though you have reached your destination. I hope you all enjoy this collection of needle dropping hits.

In no particular order:
1. Playing Dead by Breathe Owl Breathe
2. Sleep Alone by Two Door Cinema Club
3. Carried Away by Passion Pit
4. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More by The Walker Brothers
5. Judge, Jury and Executioner by Atoms For Peace
6. Change by Churchill
7. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
8. California by Phantom Planet
9. Forever by Haim
10. All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem
11. May Waltz (Acoustic) by Brooke Fraser
12. Bloom by The Paper Kites
13. You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oats
14. Madness by Muse
13. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala
14. Default by Django Django
15. Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
16. A Tattered Line of String by The Postal Service
17. Big Parade by The Lumineers
18. Panic Station by Muse
19. Name in Stone by Dead Man's Bones
20. Here With Me by The Killers
{grooveshark playlist link

{We actually just purchased this record from Day Old Blues Records downtown. It is amaaahzing.}

Thanks T for renewing my Sirius XM account as my Christmas present - I was lost without it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

my funny valentine...

These are nights I don't want to forget.
The nights just the two of us - cooking, playing monopoly, asking each other questions about life, listening and learning about each other.
This is my love, my funny valentine.
My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker on Grooveshark
{Havarti cheese board with steak and vegetables. I am more than okay with this being our valentines tradition!}
{I totally killed it in monopoly too btw - the only time I want Tison to go bankrupt! hehe}

Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend happenings...

This weekend went by quickly as all weekends tend to do. I always find myself saying on Sunday nights, "Just one more daaaaayyyy!" - in a kind of whiny little girl voice. This is what my weekend looked like:
I went to St. Johns to listen to the author of Left To Tell. I haven't read the book but I'm familiar with the devastating Rwandan Holocaust. Her experience moved me to tears. The power of forgiveness is absolutely unbelievable. I am looking forward to reading Immaculee Ilibagiza's book. She is such a beautiful person.
My mom, the Southern Trace coordinator, the florist, wedding coordinator and I met for four hours discussing the details of my upcoming nuptials. Can you believe it is in 82 days?? Me neither. After the meeting, I stopped at the new Wine Country Bottle Shop location for a much needed bottle of wine :) Steve and MC had us over for Crawfish Time and fireside chats. The night ended with a dance fest at Bears. I may or may not have been the only one dancing...
Lauren insisted I put on my spandex and wind shorts for a 90s style roller blade excursion in Spring Lake on Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you- blading up those hills is NOT easy- Neither was the little fall I had at Pierremont Oaks where two seriously concerned older gentlemen had to assist me up off my a$$ when I flipped feet up/butt down off a ramp... no- i wasn't mortified at allllllll..... as we rolled away from the club house I thought Lauren and I were going to pee in our pants from laughing so hard.
Last night was the Oscars. For some odd reason Comcast lost connection about 45 minutes into broadcasting the show - so Russell, Tiffany, Tison, and I opted to watch the James Bond action film Skyfall with a fresh bowl of popcorn. I approve.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a road trip honeymoon!!!

Yes, that's right! We have planned our honeymoon! Tison had the day off for Fat Tuesday and when I got home from work he had made a whole honeymoon itinerary...eeek! What a sweet surprise! I'm so excited. I have always talked about how I would love to go to Asheville, North Carolina. I have heard nothing but amazing things about the place. Tison remembered this and scheduled the whole thing around it. We are going on a road trip baby!

Our Honeymoon Itinerary is still in progress so please let us know of any restaurants or attraction ideas! With 250 independent restaurants in Asheville alone, we would LOVE to hear your suggestions!

{The first day of our married life}
Sunday May 19, 2013 - Drive to Asheville, North Carolina
Leave Shreveport around 530/600 to get to Asheville 12.5 hour drive
Check in Hotel
Walk around downtown – grab some food and drinks

Monday May 20, 2013
- Discover Asheville
- The Botanical Gardens of Asheville, The North Carolina Arboretum 

{check out this incredible fall foliage time lapse video as well}

Tuesday May 21, 2013 - Asheville
Biltmore Village/Estates - House, Winery, Gardens and Conservatory
Blue Ridge Parkway
afternoon hike

Wednesday May 22, 2013
- Asheville
Discover the Outdoors – Hiking, Scenic Views, etc
Grandfather Mountain

Appalachian Trail – North Carolina edition

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures

Thursday May 23, 2013
- Asheville/ Charlottesville
Check Out of hotel
Take our time to Charlottesville, Virginia driving up Blue Ridge Parkway
5.5 hours from Asheville
Check in Hotel
Walking Tour:

Belmont Neighborhood
, art galleries, local breweries, wineries, etc
Historic Pedestrian Mall
Visit University of Virginia

Friday May 24, 2013
- Charlottesville
Spend morning at Thomas Jefferson's Estate - Monticello
Mulberry Row
Ash Lawn-Highland - home of James Monroe
Hike at the Shenandoah National Park

Saturday May 25, 2013
- Charlottesville/Memphis
Take the long way home! Stop in Memphis

Spend day/evening in Memphis

Sunday May 26, 2013

Head home 

Live Happily Ever After!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

we're not getting any younger...

... but you can't blame us for trying!

This is how we celebrated Tiffany turning 3-0:
 {don't worry- kids were invited!}
{these precious sisters are looking for a happy and loving home. please visit for more information!}
 We ended the day perfectly...with a sack race. I love my friends!

 Happy Valentines Day to all of you. Check out these gorgeous Vintage Loves via Cup of Joe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

all on a mardi gras day...

For those of you that know, celebrate, and love Mardi Gras, do you not agree that it has a similar joyfulness to that of the Christmas season? The parties, the food, the excitement? (Is that scandalous to say about a holiday based on pagan celebrations?! I don't care- i still love it.)

Last year we went down to New Orleans for the Bacchus Ball and had an amazing time, but this year we stayed on our home turf and went to Tison's favorite parade, The Krewe of Highland Parade! Kate and Brandon threw a little get together that lasted way after night fall (even though the parade ended around 5.) It could have been the homemade fried mushrooms or mozzarella sticks; it could have been that I played my first-ever game of Clue, while I watched the movie Clue (so meta), but I think it was because we didn't want Kate to win at Cards Against Humanity! Don't worry- she did anyway. That girl knows how to put together a funny sentence ;)

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

blame it on the ecto cooler...

Blame it on the eh-eh-eh-eh-ecto cooler...

Merpy Christmears was a ginormous success if we are measuring it in dixie cups and hangover headaches!

A time lapse video was created by Ross if you don't believe me!

On top of the amazing White House Honey Ale that we made in December for this occasion, Russell concocted some kind of knock-you-over punch that we (meaning all of the girls) just couldn't seem to get enough of ;)
The festivus pole made its annual appearance on the back patio; we even skyped in our friends Kim and Tyler! Until next year Merpys...Happy Festivus!
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