Sunday, January 30, 2011


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I have heard recently from some of the people that follow my blog  that it is difficult to become a follower on the side bar. In attempt to make things easier to follow as well as a reason to try out this awesome site, I thought I would sign up for Bloglovin. Let me know what you think....

party, party, party...

It took me awhile to get to these pictures, but whoa was this a fun party at Cory and Shelley's a few weekends ago! Happy birthday, Cory!
 The dinner turned quickly into a dance party- I love my friends!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beneath a Balcony...

... is the name of Marc M. Cogman's second album. Traveling from LA, Marc included Shreveport on his tour and played Saturday night at Ernie's Bar.
Check out his sound here. Nice meeting you Marc!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Father Carl's 40th birthday...

The whole family was in town this past weekend {well, plus Cuan minus David Marshall.} On Saturday we celebrated Father Carl's 40th birthday. His mother planned a large surprise party for him in the St. Joseph's Family Life Center. The decorations were "over the hill" themed, the dj played some happenin' tunes, and the food was divine.

Friday, January 21, 2011

home sweet home...

{We all remember the adventures of Leslie and Cuan- the on going adventure that is!
 They just got back from Cuan's hometown.}
{On her first day there, Leslie bungee jumped 110 meters at Victoria Falls
over the Zambezi river. Brave chic!}
{Cuan and his family run a safari fishing lodge in Zimbabwe called Masau Lodge.}
{Check out the fire poi *fire dance* Cuan is performing!
And Leslie caught the first fish of the trip, a tiger fish that has pretty fierce teeth.}
{Obviously I couldn't put all the pictures up here or the blog would be a mile long. This is a sprinkling of my favorites. What an amazing trip! I can't wait to go visit.}

Thursday, January 13, 2011

little dates...

Yesterday morning I got a phone call at work. It was Tison asking me out on a date! I was so surprised I think I might have even blushed on the phone. What a sweetheart. 
It was something I looked forward to all day :)
{I couldn't help but say "MMmmmm" after every bite!}
Thanks, Tison. I had such a nice time out on the town with you!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little of this, a little of that...

Is there any better feeling than when you tidy up and everything has found it's perfect place? Some of you might always put things were you got them- I, on the other hand, go through the house like a snail- you can quite literally follow my slime through the house... (ok, not literally. That is gross) I have always been like this, but as you might remember one of the few new years resolutions I made for myself was to be neat and organized. Last night I attacked my room with hangers, pledge, and a hammer. I finally hung this mirror I bought 2 years ago. I found cute hooks at Big Lots over the weekend that I am now using to hang my long necklaces. I think it looks nice under that ole mirror. The crosses were a birthday gift that I hadn't found a proper place for until now... so what do you think? Too much or just right? Happy Wednesday all!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We celebrated Ali's birthday, Tison's sister, over the weekend. We played the game Cranium while snacking on an array of appetizers {all Ali's favorites!} This board game was far from boring... Ok, so maybe Tison and I didn't win and we might have really wanted to, but it was a lot of fun to see everyone get a little competitive :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

scarves scarves and more scarves...

 I don't know about you, but I received a whole bunch of scarves during the holidays. I might even dare to call it the Year of the Scarf! I found this video that is going to spice up my usual routine of simply draping it around my neck.

Care to share in my excitement? Check it out:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!
I had several days off work and enjoyed every minute of it! Nick (in from Little Rock, AR), Russell, Tison, and I created quite a great New Years experience. New Years Eve started off at George's Grill with grits, eggs, and buttered toast. We were all in the mood to go across the street to Campus Collectibles to look at records and such, which was followed by a comic book store. I had never been in one before. Whoa, was I surprised to see the enormous amount of comics available at this place! How would a person even know where to begin?!

I was still in the mood for antiquing and talked the guys into going to Caboose Antiques with is conveniently next to Oyster Bar and Grill. With all this shopping a margarita was a well deserved treat. :)

Following an afternoon nap, we went to our friend Kate and Brandon's house. We sat on the porch, and chatted about the hilarity of 2010... A cab picked everyone up to take us downtown to Fatty Arbuckles. The band Dirtfoot was playing and it was obvious that many people were excited about the bottle of champagne one received upon arrival.

The next few days were somewhat of a lazy blur. A lot of couch and coffee time with the dogs, movie watching, reading, taking down the Christmas tree, raking leaves, some Japanese AND Chinese food, as well as a home cooked meal with my mom and dad.

{BTW- We are dog sitting for our friends Cory and Shelley while they are in South Africa for 2 weeks. Watching four dogs has been loads of responsibility!}
{Mom's steak, homemade sour dough bread, and chocolate caramel cake were a wonderful way to bring in the new year!}

I hope this year is even BETTER than the last!
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