Monday, August 30, 2010

Love is in the Air

Ladies and Gentlemen {boys &girls?},

Not since the days of saving up my allowance to purchase the Game Boy have I experienced such excitement over a techy gadget.The IPhone 4 has driven me straight to Crazy Town. I can't keep my hands OFF of it! At first I was unsure due to the lack of buttons, going from the Blackberry buttons to the glass screen felt kinda weird.

Rest assured dear readers, a weekend of: downloading app's, listening to Pandora radio, catching up with the Kardashians, playing Angry Birds, taking pictures of my pups with the ability to post them on twitter immediately, checking facebook and my email all with the "click of a button" was quite the first date.

I fell so quickly in love with it that it was about ALL I did for the majority of the weekend. Only after exploring the in's and out's of this miraculous "game boy" did it's ability to make a simple phone call come to mind! Yes, yes- it does that too...When I forced myself to relax my thumbs, I watched Nine, walked & washed the pups, napped and visited with my parents. What a gloriously lazy weekend!

From this:

To this:
Please friends and family,
I am dying to use the Facetime option on my phone.
It is time for an upgrade folks! Oh, and IPhone...wanna get hitched?

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