Thursday, August 26, 2010

mystic pizza

What do you need to make a mystic pizza??
You need Diane, Daci, Lauren, and a focused Linz!
{Roll out the dough, mix the sour cream and dijon mustard together}
{Cut the leeks and tomatos, say hi to Daci, and cook leeks over stove}
{Add leeks and tomatos to the dough}
{Put it in the oven and play with Titus for 25 minutes}
{Remove from oven and add the goat cheese. VoilĂ - you're ready to dine with Julia! It's Mystic Pizza time!}


Diane said...

Love the descriptions! That looks delicious...who made that wonderful food? My baby is so cute!


linz marie said...

why, you did- you did :) Thanks doll- that was so much fun. We have to pick out our next Julia Roberts film quick!

daci jaye said...

Yes, when is the next JR movie club meeting?! I love your recap :)

lrs said...

i'm ready for another one. preferably one in which i am able to view the whole movie. :)

and that pizza was, well... mystically delicious.

Katherine (Katie) Manchusco said...

I adore this post. While I was reading it I couldn't help but go back to a time when my sisters and I use to spend hours in the kitchen making various edible delicacies and delights. Of course for us it was not a choice, there just weren't that many employment options open to woman outside of the home.
Glad those days are gone!!! Right girls?

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