Monday, September 22, 2014

Andrew turns 2...

  You are the cutest 2 year old I know. I love it when you run to greet me with a big hug. I love it when you shine that crooked smile. I love seeing you play with your big brother - you both really like the movie Cars or any kind of tractor, train, car, or truck! I love how you say "red car lightning" and "baby Evangeline." And I LOVE YOU!

Your mom did such a good job with your train themed 2 year old birthday party. She is making it hard for the rest of us to follow.
Mrs. Jordan and Aiden came to celebrate. Your mama made your blue cake with blue icing like you specifically requested.
Your cousin, Evangeline, got to celebrate with you this year. You also looked adorable in your conductor hat. It was just a tiny bit too big for your head, which made it even cuter.
Aunt Cyn, Aunt Pam, and DeeDee would never miss your birthday party!
CHOOOooo - Chooooo!
You received lots of presents from your sweet friends. Big brother Hudson made sure you could open our presents. He did a great job opening them - errr - I mean overseeing your progress.
Godfather Joseph had a good time.
Apparently the new way to do a piƱata is not by hitting it, but everyone grabs a string that is attached underneath and pulls until the candy comes out. Your dad decided that was silly so we took a broom stick to it.
He busted it open, but hit your mother in the head with part of it in the process! oopsy!

See Andrew's first birthday party here!

Friday, September 12, 2014

we're going to see the sunflowers, baby!

"We're going to see the sunflowers, baby!" is what Hudson kept telling Evangeline on our drive to Carmel, La; just a quick road trip to view a field full of sunflowers at my mom's friend Vivian's home in the country. With over 175 acres of property to play with, Mr. Faler wanted some sunflowers on his land. He is more than generous to invite us over to reap the benefits of his hard work :) Upon arrival we were offered a beer and a four wheeler - my kind of afternoon!
After a fun ride around the property, we grabbed our buckets and scissors and got to work. My sister, Lauren, said, "Isn't it funny how some of them just call out to you to pick them?!" and it's true!

 Thanks for having us! We can't wait to come back. What do you think about a bonfire this fall ;) ??

Boneheads brings it...

Dinner out with the hubby, parents, and one adorable baby:

 Have you tried Boneheads on Youree Drive yet?
The atmosphere is clean and nautical.
My favorite thing we ordered was the Boneheads Shrimp appetizer. The batter has the perfect crunch.
We also enjoyed all the sauce options. Welcome to Shreveport, Boneheads!

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