Friday, August 6, 2010

Leslie & Cuan Update...

"We have made it to our final destination! We went on the Dalton Highway up the 500 miles of rocks, gravel, potholes, dips, dirt, and construction all the way across the arctic circle until the road ran into the Arctic Sea. We couldn't go any more north if we wanted to! An interesting couple of days and my "bum" is pretty sore as Cu would say but its a great accomplishment. Miss and love you! Can't wait to tell you more stories. Will be back in Louisiana soon!"

ps dear readers- James Dalton highway has a length of 414 miles and made of stone gravel. The road heading north from Livengood (out of the Elliott Highway), through the Arctic ice fields to the northernmost point of Alaska. {photo and text from here}

Hope everyone has a GLORIOUS weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Solitude by: Dr.U Mahmood
A fire burns of scented wood
mellow light from the lanterns.
Outside, the giant moon alights
and countless stars glitter,
like tears in the night's eye.
Smells of broth, and shades of yellow
warm and homey.
Solitary solitude that invites,
deep thoughts of love lost long ago.

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