Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sour apple cupcake?

So, I'm confused.

It was my friend Lauren's birthday on Sunday and we celebrated at work today. I knew that I wanted to get her cupcakes instead of the traditional cake because I know she adores them. I thought I would give the new Cupcake Gallery a shot! I needed a dozen cupcakes for Laur and coworkers so I drove to Cupcake Gallery yesterday and got there at 7pm. Granted, it was late-r than most people probably partake in a cupcake, but they only had four. 4. Now, one would think that if they are open from 7am-8pm it shouldn’t be a problem to get a dozen cupcakes at 7. I mean, why even stay open if you only have 4 cupcakes left, right!? When I ask the lady if I could order a dozen cupcakes for the next morning (today) at 8am, she looks at me like I’m crazy. They only serve coffee from 7-10am, if I want the cupcakes at 8 then I have to pay a rush fee. (At $ 2.25 a pop, I am not eager to have anything else tacked on to the cost). This place made it impossible to get the one product they sell. What is this business model?!

So I walked out.

I called Buttercups Cupcakes this morning at 7:20am- they answered. Said they don’t open until 10am- but they will have them boxed and ready for me to pick up right at 10 when they open. She kindly listed the flavors they were baking for the day. Done. Order placed. When I arrived at this ADORABLE location at the Villaggio, the dozen cupcakes were just as I requested. Preciously packaged and looking delicious. The cute cupcake girl opened it up and pointed to each cupcake providing a description. Ladies and gentleman, this is how you run a business.

The birthday celebration for Lauren was lovely. She deserves to be doted on. After enjoying our yeero's from Yeero-Yeero, we surprised her with the box of cupcakes. OH NO! Some of the adorable cupcakes had melted :( After all that-right!? However, it didn't change our enjoyment of them. A few flavors we nibbled on include: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Chunk, Wedding Cake, Red Velvet and Peanut Butter.

I can assure you, I am never going back to Cupcake Gallery. That experience left me with a sour apple cupcake taste in my mouth. I can't wait for the new Buttercups Cupcakes to open at the Shoppes at Bellemead in October!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!


lrs said...

i know this comment is laaaate, but thank you so much for my cupcakes and everything else you so kindly got me for my bday - i loved it all and greatly appreciate it :)

Frank Stallone said...

You should have called me and I would have gone with you, yo! We could have flipped over tables and really gotten messy in that place! Could you tell this guy http://bit.ly/9hO2jY he couldn't have a cupcake? Me neither.

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