Friday, August 20, 2010

Pub craaaawl...

My friend Richard started this and it has taken off like wild fire here in the port city. It's about time we had some cool happenings 'round these parts! Last night was no exception to the rule- we had a blazing good time.(even if we didn't win the raffle for 100 buck-a-roos!)

Here's some pictures to prove it:
{ps- my friends are really fun!}
{Robinson Film Center-Abby Singer's Bistro} *that looks like a beer, but actually it's a t-shirt!!
{University Club}
{Overtime Sports Bar & Sand Bar}

On the walk down Texas Street back to the car- I got a little camera happy, but downtown is just so pretty at night!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!
{My sisters are coming in town this weekend
and I am beaming with excitement!}

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