Friday, January 31, 2014

the most beautiful shower I have ever seen...

My baby shower was more enchanting than I could have even imagined. The a football team of hostesses made every detail special from the entry way with a chandelier to mimic the nursery to having items that were in mine and my sisters childhood scattered around the venue to find like Easter eggs. Each table's centerpiece contained a diaper cake and a baby photo of Justin or me. They even went to my Pinterest account and took some things I had pinned and incorporated them into the decorations! I am so fortunate to have such amazing, thoughtful and talented ladies in my life that share with me their generosity and love. I cannot wait for baby girl to meet all of these beautiful women that are a constant inspiration to me. How very blessed we are...
{Thank you to Mrs. Mary Beth and Roxanne for taking such lovely pictures of the shower!}
We are ready for your sweet girl - we can't wait to meet you any day now!!

{check out Lauren's shower for Hudson here}

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Christmas in a photo nutshell...

I really didn't intend to take such a long blogging hiatus, but when you are 36 weeks pregnant some other things take precedent I suppose! Before a whole month goes by, let me share my 2013 Christmas pictures with y'all.

Our tradition holds strong - Christmas Eve we went to Mass at St. Joseph's then to my Mom's house for clam chowder and present opening. Since Les didn't come in until Jan. 13th and this was Lauren and David's year in New Roads, I got a clear idea of what Christmas would be like as an only child! Weird!
{baby girl got Christmas presents too! Those little pink booties made me cry they are so sweet.}
{Mr. T got his own stocking this year! *to be monogrammed}

We ended the night watching The Grinch. The next morning Tison and I exchanged gifts from each other at our house. Our first Christmas as a married couple and in our new home :) So special. Can't wait to use that video camera on baby girl!
 On Christmas Day we went to the Tison's house for lunch and they were so kind to invite my parents to lunch as well. 
I can't believe next Christmas will be shared with our little girl!!!! I am just so thankful this is all happening.

The next weekend when Lauren, David, and the boys had returned from down south - we celebrated Christmas with them and the grandparents and Mr. Sandi!
Now that Leslie and Cuan are in town, I am sure we will do another Christmas celebration with them and I'm not complaining! Who really wants the Christmas season to end? Not me!

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