Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leslie & Cuan Update

July 18
" Hey, sorry I haven't sent an update in a while. I keep losing track of time! Drove thru Yosemite on Tuesday. One of the most beautiful places yet! Played bocce with Laur and David's friend Connor right in the Nappa Valley. Stayed with him and toured the vineyard he works at on Wednesday. A little taste of wine and we were off to the coast. Drove up hwy 1 that winds all along the Pacific. Cold, but amazing! Camped on the beach then drove all thru the redwood forest and the avenue of giants on thurs. Those trees are so massive it can't be explained in words. Another (illegal) camp on the beach, then into Oregon on Saturday. Found a beautiful little spot on the Rogue River. Set up camp and fished the rest of the afternoon. Kept heading east toward yellowstone yesterday and slept on someone's farmland last night. Now driving through Idaho towards Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Be there sometime this evening, maybe rafting tomorrow."

July 19
" That's kind of the whole point of the trip. We don't really know where we're going to be next! Stayed in Jackson Hole last night- went rafting today. Staying here again tonight. Yellowstone tomorrow for a day or two. Up through Montana- then Banff -Northwest from there! Not going to Juneau, coming into Alaska from the Yukon to Fairbanks. My plane leaves from Ankorage on the 8th!"

{All images were taken from Google Images}

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