Friday, June 28, 2013

blueberry picking...and a little baking!

A few days ago Mama, Lauren, the kiddos, Mrs. Gerry, her friend visiting from France and I went to Frierson, LA to pick blueberries at Shuqualak Farms. It was a hot day so we waited until right before sunset to drive out there, but after finding bushes in the shade our buckets were quickly filled to the brim with blue gold.
Hudson got the hang of it very quickly :)
When you're done with your bucket, they measure your pickings and give you a free blueberry popsicle. It is to-die-for! It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Next is deciding what all to make with all of your berries. I decided to make blueberry muffins for my book club on Thursday. I found the recipe found here.
Delicious! Anyone have any recipes for blueberries they would like to share?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blue Southern Comfort Foods...

Thanks to Chris Jay and his blog, Katie and I found out about the new restaurant Blue Southern Comfort Foods on Louisiana Avenue. I couldn't put it better than Chris, "Blue is small, off-the-beaten-path, and lacking in signage, but food lovers should make the effort to seek it out." And so we did -seek it out - that is. After passing the building the first time, we parked and made our way through the blue door into the tiny but quaint dining area.
Katie ordered the pulled pork over cheese grits with a side of broccoli casserole. Although the main dish was good, we both agreed it needed a sauce or gravy to make it great. 
 However, the Blue Burger is where it's at! A perfectly cooked patty topped with shredded gruy√®re and homemade bacon marmalade on a sour dough bun...i mean, come on! This combination was a perfect mesh between sweet and salty. I'm a fan. Gullo's may be Katie and my next food adventure!

What's your favorite burger place?

Friday, June 21, 2013

dancing into the weekend...

This dancing Nana has had me laughing for most of the week!
 I hope I am as spirited as she is at 88 years old!

(be sure to listen to the very end)

I could dance all f**ing day too, Nana. Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

House for Hope...

Have you visited the House for Hope yet? I just love walking through homes and seeing how things are laid out, getting ideas on paint colors, new gadgets and creative design. Mr. T and I went to Island Park off Clyde Fant on Saturday to check her out. My favorite part of the floor plan was the open kitchen overlooking the living room area right when you walk in.
Beautiful kitchen countertops, backsplash, and cabinetry, new appliances, and built-in shelving. Wow.
A walk in pantry is a little bit of a dream of mine- I mean look at how organized you can be in this space!
 The bedrooms were okay, but I feel in love with this painting on the wall. Thinking of trying to recreate it...
Mr. T liked the lighting and I liked the iron work up the stairwell. 
 The first room you come to upstairs is a media room. T was most impressed with the built-in speakers - I like the leather reclining chairs :)
Double sinks, pretty tile, and a place for towels? Does the Duchess of Cambridge live here? I kid, I kid. We really do love our 1940s home with all of it's charm and it kind of felt like we were cheating on her with this new 2013 model, but it can't hurt to look around, right?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

live thoroughbred racing action...

We enjoyed an afternoon at the racetrack a few weekends ago. I have only been 2 other times so no need to call the gambling hotline, but we had such a good time bettin' on them ponies!
Even though there were WAY more serious bets going on around us (we put $3 on our guesses), it was still such a fun feeling when we won!
What a fun way to celebrate Russell's mom's birthday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

happy father's day!!


"I believe that what we become
depends on what our fathers 
teach us at odd moments, when
they aren't trying to teach us.
We are formed by little
scraps of wisdom."
  - Umberto Eco

Thanks for always teaching me to take that first step. I love you.

Your eldest #1 daughter,
Miss Priss

Friday, June 14, 2013

wedding update: rehearsal dinner

Typical Lindsey style, I was late to the rehearsal at the church on Friday night. Weeeell, honestly if I was there at 5:35 pm and it started at 5:30 pm, is that late? Apparently everyone kept reassuring Mr. T that I was coming. He told me later that he would have been MORE nervous if I was actually on time! I mean- does he know me or what?
Our rehearsal was held at Ralph & Kacoo's. The Tison family graciously hosted a wonderful dinner and aren't these table arrangements the cutest? Mr. T's cousin, Megan, did such a wonderful job. Love is in the details!
Look at these proud parents ;)
So thankful to have so many wonderful people present to support our marriage!
Our friends came in from all over to show their love- it brings tears to my eyes!
My beautiful bridesmaids and most of their mates- even baby Aiden - made it! 
Jordan and Patrick, y'all are such troopers!
And then there were toasts...OH the toasts...Sister HUGS!!! I love these ladies so much!
 I can't even explain how it made me feel to hear such out pouring of love and encouragement from my friends - my sisters and brothers. I will never forget it. I can't believe I was worried no one would say anything!
I have to admit I was expecting a lot from my dad and he did not disappoint! He is always such a wordsmith and he wrote a poem for the night that not only made me cry, but embarrassed the pants off me! (notice everyone laughing as I cover my face...) Good one, Daddy-O. ;)
My mother gave the most eloquent and heartfelt speech I have ever heard - even my girlfriends were tearing up. Mrs. Chris expressed her love and faith that shined through her spirit. And my beloved- he just said it like it is- he said he knew, he always knew - we were supposed to be together. I truly love this man.
What can I say?? We are super-dooper-ooper blessed to have so many loved ones. What a wonderful night. Thanks to all!

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