Thursday, August 21, 2014

never say never...

Never say never unless you want to eat your words.

When I was pregnant, my sister Lauren, the experienced mother of two, went with me to register for the baby necessities at Babies R Us. There were many things that went on the registry that I had no idea I would be using so regularly once baby girl arrived. To be honest, I got only half way up the aisles before handing the registry gun over to Lauren and asking her to just do it! I was overwhelmed by the amount of decisions and products needed for one little bundle of joy! There was one product in particular though that I refused to let her zap with the gun. I said, "Lauren! There is no way I will EVER do that! That is disgusting!"

And then.... Evangeline got her first real deal snotty mess-of-a-cold this week.

Yesterday I was calling Lauren to bring over her nose sucker (and eating my words.) I now know the three secrets to surviving a baby's runny nose when the hospital grade nose bulb thingy just won't cut it.

1.  Sterile Saline Nasal Mist (This really gets it running.)
2. The most essential step - NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator: The SnotSucker!!!!!
3. Then clean up with Boogie Wipes (They are different than regular wipes - news to me.)

And voilĂ  - she can breathe out of her nose again.

Can you guess which one of the three items I said I would never use? Yeah, you probably guessed the one where you suck - yes, suck- the snot out of your child's nose.

I'm here to say it works. Put it on your registry. Never say never. Just do it. She absolutely hates it while I'm doing it. Arms are batting at me- head is wiggling side to side, but when I'm done she can breathe. I am sure this is just one in the long line of things I will do for her own good.

Oh, and sorry I ever questioned you Mrs. Lauren :)
 (December 2013 - 7 months preggo - just thinkin' i knew somethin' about somethin' - HA!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

OMG! How can it be?

My baby girl is 6 months old!

This little sweetie is getting so so active! I'm pretty excited about seeing her personality shine through. Although, because she is such a mover and a shaker, she is losing her leg rolls - nooooooo!!! She is also sleeping from 8:00 pm - 5:00 am at night. I am secretly missing our nightly mom and daughter rendezvous, but I'm also very proud of my growing girl. The only constant is change, right?
{Miss E had 2 teeth show up in one day. I heard this is one of the MOST painful things we ever experience - we just don't remember. What a trooper! Aaaand look who's sitting up now! Get it, girl.}
"When I'm trying really hard to do something new I stick out my tongue. It's super cute, mom says. Sometimes I try to stand on my tippy toes, but I face plant. And other times......success!"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

my little Catholic baby...

We baptized Evangeline on Sunday. She was so precious. Everyone kept saying they had never seen a baby not make a single peep in the ceremony. That's my girl!

Before the big day, we wanted to have the godparents over for a "rehearsal" if you will. Tison cooked crock-pot ribs and everyone pitched in with potato salad, salad, and bbq beans. Justin and Sara, who traveled from Dallas, brought some Texas craft brews for us to try. The Revolver: Blood and Honey was very complex. I want one right now, actually.

We gathered on Sunday at St. Joseph Catholic Church (where I was baptized) for the sacrament of baptism and were joined by family and a few close friends. Evangeline wore my baptismal gown that my godmother bought for me many moons ago. My sisters were baptized in it, as well as Hudson and Andrew - kind of a special garment!
A special thank you to everyone who took pictures of this special moment for our family! My hands were getting a little shaky without my camera - ha.
The reception at DeeDee's was special. The house was full of love and FOOD! The menu: dips, finger sandwiches, beautiful personalized cookies, cake balls, pecan sandies, lemon squares, fruit and veggie trays, beer, champagne and punch. -pheew!
Now we've got a little cat-lic' bebe ;) 

Jordan and Justin- y'all are now officially family! Thanks for being a part of Miss E's life.

Click here for Hudson or Andrew's baptismal day.

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