Monday, October 31, 2011

Myrtles Plantation

The ZeltaMae Girls and I went to St. Francisville at the end of last month to view "One of America's Most Haunted Homes." Myrtles Plantation, although beautiful in the daylight, reveals incredibly spooky tales via their evening mystery tours. It definitely left me with the heebie-jeebies! Read the details of our weekend by Lauren Sowell here, pages 38-40. (Be sure to visit her blog to hear about her exciting news!)

I'm off to pass out candy to (hopefully) cute little kids and not non-costumed teenagers.
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Logan Mansion: Steeped in History and Intrigue

I finally snagged my favorite writer, blogger, coworker, and friend to guest post today. She really needs no introduction on this blog because most of my activites shown here involve our little adventures! If you haven't seen this grammar queen's blog, please do so now. We recently went to Logan Mansion. I'm the photo snatcher - she's the story catcher!

hi, everyone! i'm lauren from siddathornton. today i am so excited to do a little guest post over here on focusedlinz!  thank you so much, lindsey, for giving me the opportunity to write a little something on your pretty blog. 

As Lindsey and I pulled up to the historic Logan Mansion, located at 725 Austen Place in Shreveport, we were not totally sure what to expect. The imminence of this 114-year-old Victorian home loomed in the distance, and we were equal parts excited and anxious.

Of course we had heard this sprawling mansion was haunted – most people in Shreveport have heard a passing story or two surrounding the estate.

We all but tip-toed up the front steps to the grandly gilded front door, noticing the name Logan etched into the mail slot flap. After we knocked, anticipation mounted, and the door was then thrown open by Billy LeBrun, closely followed by his wife, Vicki.

The LeBruns have owned, operated, and renovated Logan Mansion since 2005, a fact that Vicki herself says she would never have imagined before receiving the phone call that the previous owners were ready to sell.

“I have always wanted a Victorian Home,” she said. “It filled a void that I didn’t know was there – it was a God thing.”

After many trips visiting the Logan Mansion, sometimes simply to peer into the windows of the then-dilapidated house, Vicki can now claim the house as her own.

And as we listened to her speak of the house’s history, it is clear that her passion for the estate runs deep: no detail was left to the imagination as she described the history and past ownership of the house.

Logan Mansion was built in 1897, by Lafayette Robert Logan, a property owner, brewer, and ice manufacturer of great success. And his great success is not lost in the details of the home: different wood in each room, ranging from mahogany to cherry, speaks to his love of detail and extravagance, as does the tile imported from Holland, some of which surrounds the mantle of the sitting room fire place. Further detail can be found in the molding of the rooms, into which barley beer hops are incorporated, a nod toward the family’s involvement in brewing.

Amazingly enough, we learned that much of the original details of the house have been preserved. For example, none of the woodwork in the house has ever been painted – in 114 years. Furthermore, the footprint of the 17-room house, or original layout, has remained untouched.

As we learned of the house’s history and architecture, Lindsey and I couldn’t help but wonder about the root of the house’s infamous haunted status, but Vicki certainly didn’t disappoint.

“Six weeks after moving into the house, people were asking us if we had met the ghost yet,” Vicki relates.

And yes, they have met the ghost, whom they refer to as Theodora, the daughter of the Logans’ neighbor, who leapt from the third floor attic window of the house in May of 1904.

“I keep a journal about the happenings,” Vicki said.

Happenings they have encountered include items, such as an address book normally kept in one of the kitchen drawers, disappearing for weeks on end, only to return to its normal location. Cell phones have also gone missing, only to turn up in parts of the house the owners of said phones had not visited. It seems Theodora has a sense of humor, stealing lids of chafing dishes and placing them in windowsills to be found at the end of the day, as well as hiding a lone crutch of a visitor behind the couch.

Vicki says Theodora has even locked her out of the house a couple of times.

“I told Theodora to stop doing that,” Vicki said, “and it hasn’t happened since.”

In addition, folks have claimed to see people in the windows of the upstairs, even when no one was actually in the house. And paranormal-sensitive people have become overwhelmed with emotion in certain rooms of the house.

It was enough to have chill bumps rising on our arms, as we listened to the various tales.

Our visit was wrapped up by taking a tour of the grand home, and we were given tangible visions of the scenery to all of the history we had just learned.

If you are looking for a trip into the Victorian past, sprinkled in with a bit of haunted mystique, the Logan Mansion is just the ticket you’ve been searching for.

Vicki offers tours year-round, at any time, but requests that appointments be made. There will be a Halloween tour the Saturday before Halloween. The cost is $10 per person, and tours will be given between 6 and 9 p.m. They are child-appropriate.

Contact the Logan Mansion by calling 318-459-2285 or emailing

thanks again to lindsey for letting me post over here today.
hope everyone has a lovely thursday & enjoys the weekend to come.

{Article featured in ZeltaMae.}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

two are better than one...

Every where I look people I know are turning up pregnant! The stork must be very busy these days. My friend Chessi is expecting on Christmas Day. I am very excited for her and Walker. My friend Mary Eileen recently delivered baby Davis. I celebrated these wonderful miracles with them on Saturday.
{This baby shower at Wine Country was sweet without being too baby-y, just like Chessi -elegant and warm hearted.}
{The world's smallest North Face vest you've ever seen!}

Later that evening...
{Mrs. Lassiter recently remodeled her house. Isn't it fabulous!}
{This band was the perfect accompaniment to the whimsical and woodsy surroundings.}

{One word- ADORABLE!}
{I recently discovered Prosecco. It is an Italian fizzy wine that is divine. I could only drink this for the rest of my life and be in heaven- no exaggeration.}

See, I told you two baby parties are better than one! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

cheers for the chimps!

On Friday evening we found ourselves at the Randle T. Moore Center for a fundraiser benefiting Chimp Haven. The event was complete with a band, frightfully named finger foods, face painting, and belly dancers. My favorite part of the evening was when Shelley explained why I was pushing myself through the crowd to get a photo of the belly dancer stating, "Oh, she's a blogger!" to Maggie Martin. It was priceless.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ross & Lauren's Engagement Party...

Last weekend we went to Frierson, Louisiana to celebrate our friends engagement. It was such a beautiful day. Congratulations you two!
{These two crack me up!}

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown...

Have you searched for your great pumpkin yet this year?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

reunited and it feels so good...

Yes, we are the Loyola Flyers not the Snoopys! In 1966 Loyola received permission from Charles M. Schulz to use Snoopy as our mascot. Loyola remains the only school with Snoopy as their mascot. We even have a dog house in front of the campus!

I can't believe how much the school has grown since I was a graduate. {They have their own stadium now!}Nor can I believe it has been 10 years since I walked down those halls. I cherished my time at LCP and remember it fondly. I find it so special that several of us keep in touch with our friends from high school, not only Loyola, but also Shreve, Byrd, and Magnet. Many classmates were missed this past weekend for our 10 year high school reunion, but I think we still had an exceptional turnout with such last minute plans to reunite. Thank you to everyone that came in from out of town - especially Melanie and her sweet family that flew in from Utah, as well as Leigh and her hubby that drove from Atlanta - y'all are awesome. I was happy to get to see everyone in one place at one time!

I also enjoyed getting to meet wives/husbands/kids of fellow graduates. Wow, we are getting old. Am I right? Thanks T for coming to my reunion with me instead going to yours. Even though everyone ended up at Stray Cats {because it was the coolest party of the night ;) }.

Friday, October 14, 2011


As a long time festival goer, I get really excited when it's Revel time. It means fried foods, independent artists, arts & crafts, live music, and italian ice. It also means autumn has arrived! This is my favorite time of year. Right about 5:30pm when the sun is at its most orange and sitting at a perfect angle in the sky, the air is crisp, and the trees are changing colors...this is it people. Evening walks, bike rides, light jackets and could this not be the best time of the year!?

Another wonderful thing about the Revel is you will inevitably run into friends partaking in said fried food. Look at those funnel cakes!
This cajun pistol will blow your mind. {pun intended} We ran into one of Tison's high school friends, Jimmy Wooten, who invited us to hear his band at Chicky's Boom Boom Room after the revelling. No, it is not a strip joint like the name implies.
The Jimmy Wooten Trio killed it! I loved every song they played.

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