Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nottoway Plantation {Part 1}

When Ty and I eagerly arrived at Nottoway Plantation, we put our things in the Carriage House and headed out for a self guided walking tour around the property.
After some time spent relaxing in the lounge with pina coladas and Dixie beer {that beer is NOT good, mind you}, we got ready for Lauren and Justin's rehearsal dinner held around the pool on the plantation grounds.
 Following a bbq dinner, speeches, gifts, and a walk-through, we went to Lauren's cottage for a little lingerie shower, champagne toast, and Bridesmaids the movie. Melissa McCarthy is so hilarious she makes it worth the watch. The scene with her real life husband on the plane?! "you feel that steam heat? that`s from my undercarriage."- rolling.

A little game Jenny taught us during the opening of lingerie - wrap each present up in tissue paper and pack it for your honeymoon and have the groom select a gift each night. It's a fun surprise for both of you! I thought that was a neat idea.

 If you are married, what did you do on the night before your wedding?


DJ said...

I love your braid! I can't wait to see the part 2 pics - and I love that Lauren had her own COTTAGE. Amazing!

Jennifer Steadman said...

The night before my wedding, we had the rehearsal dinner, of course, then all the girls came back to my townhouse and we had my lingerie party. We played a couple of hilarious games. My girlfriends asked my fiance various questions about me and we had to try and guess his answers. Too funny. The girls were going to spend the night, but they all ended up going home. Which actually nice; I had one last night all to myself!

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