Monday, August 16, 2010

lazy procrastination

Hello there! So, on Thursday night I started a DIY project. On Friday night I did some more work on it- and by Saturday I spent more than a couple of hours working and the thing wasn't done. So, I quit. My main motivation for completion of the project was having the finished product to show you guys and gals today, but alas... my wanting to be lazy kicked in on Sunday and I didn't complete it.
I hope to have it done soon though :)

{hehe- don't you love the suspense!}

Here's a peek at something else I have been working on though.
Have a looksy:

I painted this on a 12x16 canvas and then "digitized" & edited it in photoshop.
It is for an upcoming symposium we are planning at work. Do you like?
Anyway, happy Monday peeps. I hope you have a wonderful day/evening.

My inspiration for the day has come from Dirty Dancing.
{how cheesy is this guy narrating?!}

What is keeping you going on this monday of a monday?

1 comment:

Susan "the auntie" Hudson said...

Loved the Neuro update poster. Wondered where I could go to get my neurons updated...they're getting sluggish.

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