Wednesday, August 22, 2012

this one's juuuuust right...

Planning for a wedding has been interesting so far. I really never thought I'd be the one that would jump right in and start planning the day I got engaged; and I didn't. I waited 2 months, enjoying every minute of our new engagement. When the planning stage began, I first wanted to insure I had a particular priest. We worked with his schedule and then the church's and -boom- we had a wedding date. We will be getting married May 18, 2013! I love the month of May and my boss said "8+1 = 9 and 9 is a holy number." I'll take it!

As a professed procrastinator I have even surprised myself at my eagerness to get all-things-wedding scheduled and reserved. I have a whole note pad next to my desk that I write down my thoughts and ideas in throughout the day. I have a stack of bridal magazines that have been dogeared. I have scoured countless blogs looking for ideas and then emailing everything to my mom and sisters! (God bless them.) The bonus is, Tison has totally been my co-pilot in this process. He gets just as excited as I do when decisions are made. Here are some photos of the reception venue hunt:
 I loved everything about this place, but found out it was already booked for the May 18th weekend. :(
Randle T. Moore Center was all locked up, but I really like the look of the place.
 The Fairfield Gardens were gorgeous. I caught Lauren staring at me, which made me realize I hadn't stopped smiling since we entered the gate to the "secret garden." Unfortunately it will not hold the capacity of people we are looking to invite, but I will use this place for something gosh-darn-it!
Our next stop was the Remington Suites rooftop. This was the last place on my top 4 list. I was thinking this place would be unique and also close in proximity to the ceremony. After seeing that the ballroom wouldn't fit everyone, getting stuck in the elevator, and walking up to the roof that looks like the bottom of a swimming pool, let's just say I had seen enough for the day. As we were driving out of downtown toward home, Mom reminded me that we should take advantage of the time we have to see as many places as possible.
We turned around and headed to the Barnwell Center. This offered the indoor-outdoor option I was looking for. When I asked the person behind the desk about availibility, she said they were not booking weddings in 2013, but that I should look across the street at the Riverview Hall. I didn't snap any pictures of that location; needless to say I was a bit disappointed. I really thought I would find THE place that day. After a sonic cherry coke zero and a little more prodding from Mom, we went to one last location. 
To tell you the truth I was starting to feel like Goldilocks. "This place is too small." "This place is too big." I have to admit that I didn't immediately like the idea of a country club rehearsal. I didn't want anything to be too stuffy......buuuuuut after talking with Marjorie, the bartender, about all the different events she has seen there and all the different possibilities, I let my prejudice go and started to really listen. It has the indoor-outdoor option. They could rent a tent for extra seating. All the catering, all the servers and bartenders, everything, is in house. I would have one person to contact about all of it - not 10 different vendors. I started to wonder could it be this easy? After some thought and several conversations with Tison about it, we scheduled another visit to meet with the Events Coordinator, Katie, and sign the contract. Dr. Bob and Mrs. Beverly (our member sponsors) treated us to drinks to celebrate and we sat on the back patio watching the sunset in rocking chairs and chatted for hours.

"This place is juuuuuust right."

Now, on to the next thing! Does anyone have any suggestions for bands in Louisiana? Tison and I are having the hardest time picking one. We are a bit picky when it comes to music. Any recommendations are appreciated!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

babysitting Hudson...

Over the weekend Lauren and David had an engagement party to attend and asked Uncle Tison and Aunt Lindsey to babysit! This was the longest time either of us have spent with Hudson one-on-one ever! I was a bit nervous about entertaining him from 2-8. I had mommy friends on call, I made lists of things to do, Lauren even made a list for me too. I think she sensed my anxiousness. I don't know what I was so scared of though! Hudson was the most precious, calm, and curious little boy I have ever had the privileged of spending time with- the entire time {except when I got soap in his eyes during bath time.} I'd say I've improved a little since this time babysitting, don't you?

 I tried to document our few hours together. I captured just about everything but the hour we spent on the couch reading together- he, nuzzling up under my arm turning the pages, me, swooning over his sweetness. I could have sat there with him forever.
Hudson just loves to be chased. We got creative with the water sprinkler. Tison and I had so much fun with chasing him around. I mean- look at that smile!
{The new cool thing to do- put your finger in your belly button.}
He's the next Picasso.
Since water and chasing were making him giggle, I decided to blow up this water toy. When he showed hesitation in approaching it, I knew I was going to have to go in and play. He was very interested in how the little tikes ball squirted out the water. After awhile, we were both soaked and were ready for inside games.
After we changed clothes, we sang songs, read books, played games, and ate dinner... my surprise, it was time for a bath and a bedtime story! I couldn't believe how fast the time had flown. Lauren and David, thanks for letting us play. He's such a peach. I can't believe you're about to have another little one running around in less than a month!!! xoxo

Friday, August 3, 2012

just a couple a lucys...

A couple of weekends ago, my parents along with Tison, and I experienced our first couples date together. A first of many to come I'm sure. We piled in mom's car and hit the road toward East Texas. On the west side of Marshall in Harleton, Texas lies a vineyard named Enoch's Stomp where acres upon acres of rolling hills are covered with grapes on the vine. I'm awfully glad this fifth generation grape grower found his way from South Africa to America. The evening was filled with wine tasting, dinner, grape stomping, and vineyard touring. It was extremely hot, especially after Mom and I completed the grape stomping competition, but the atmosphere reminded me of A Walk in the Clouds.  Remember that one?
My coworker and friend Katie and her roommate Britney met us there.
After dinner the grape stomping competition began. My mom and I split the 10 minute stomp in two. I can tell you, it is a real workout stomping for 5 minutes straight. and don't get me started on the pressure! Mom and I are competitive!
I really thought we had it, but alas. Someone out stomped us. Isn't the color of that grape juice disgusting? Who wants a glass?
There was some confusion with the purchasing of our tickets, but when Dad upgraded Mom and I, a perk was getting t-shirts! Thanks, Dad. (even though you called me and Mom a couple of Lucy's)
All in all, it was a wonderful first date with my parents. ;)

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