Friday, July 30, 2010

the collector

If there is one thing I can say that I have in common with my Dad, it is that we enjoy hobbies. "Hobbies" sounds very vague i know, but understand it has to be. There are too many to list! He is my go-to guy when I am thinking of starting a new project. It never fails. He is bound to have books and supplies that might be required to get started!

His latest hobby is records. Let me tell you. He has it down to a science. The upstairs twin bedroom has been converted into the turntable and computer conversion room. It's quite the setup. This passtime began more than a year ago, and I am sure it has been tweaked to perfection through trial and error over time.  

It all started when we got Dad a record player for Christmas. Being the old soul that I am, I was thrilled with the idea of imagining Mom and Dad in the den listening to their favorite tracks on the ole vinyl. However, he had a different idea all together: Convert every-record-ever-made into an mp3 and download it to the ipod.

This is when the "Gotta Flip" quote became a regular call out from the latest DJ. He gets the conversion process going on one side. Goes downstairs and has dinner, watches tv, what have you... then says "Gotta Flip," and he is off to flip the record to the other side. And so it is. Night after night. Up and down the stairs. Tirelessly collecting.

After all of the albums around the house had been converted, they were taken to the record resale shop where a swap was made. Soon he had accumulated all the songs he wanted from the shop, and he moved on to their friends' collections. It's actually an amazing deal for his friends! He does the work- they get their music upgraded to an easy listening format.

He now has over 3800 songs {and growing} JUST from vinyl.

Dad, I don't know what's next, but I look forward to it anxiously :) I love you.

Happy weekend everybody!!

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