Wednesday, July 28, 2010

thanks to the tropical storm

{parental discretion advised}
Last night I was having nightmares about this stupid movie. First of all I am a scardy cat and this very realistic dream {as far as zombies go}was freaking me out! Right in the middle of this illusion I felt something...crawling on my arm. I have never EVER jumped out of bed so fast in my life! Sure enough, there was a beetle in bed with me. Ummmmmm- gross. I shiver in disgust just thinking about it!  Luckily Tison was awoken by my hysterics and immediately went for the bug spray and blanketed the whole house. 
Did I mention it was 5:30 in the AM? 
Needless to say, that is why I am blogging so early today.
Hope your day is lovely and bug free!!
Thanks tropical storm.

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