Friday, July 16, 2010

biiiiiirthday celebrations

Part 2
I woke up to a special delivery from none other than Ole McDonald himself! What says "Happy Birthday" more than a McCafe and a McMuffin?

Being a summer baby, I am not used to having to go anywhere or do anything I don't particularly feel like doing. However, I am not a summer baby anymore!  Working on your birthday is something that must be done eventually...I suppose. If it weren't for such great coworkers, I would have been quite grouchy about the whole ordeal. I selected Fairfield Grocery for lunch. The steak sandwich there is to-die-for. After devouring it, Diane and Lauren surprised me, not only with presents, but also a pineapple upside down cake!

{A hand painted bow tie masterpiece by Lauren and a Crock-Pot from Diane-
Have you ever seen anyone so excited about a Crock-Pot before?!?! I can't wait to start using this thing!}

After work, I had dinner, opened presents, and watched an episode of Life with my parents and Tison.

{My beautiful mother prepared this delicious meal just for me. Mom, you truly are a fabulous cook!}
That's right people- I got an IPod from my dad to replace the one that was rudely stolen from my unlocked car. This is dad reminding me not to do that again. ;)

It was a nice relaxing evening spent with the ones I love.
27 is going to be a great year!


Emily said...

What an awesome birthday!!!! I remember that birthday plate! Your mom is the best cook and can you tell her that I would like that meal made on my bday? lol, love the crock pot too! now you gotta start cooking! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!!!

linz marie said...

Thanks Em- I appreciate it :) I will let Mom know about the meal- i am sure she would love to see you and make it for you next time you are in town!

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