Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fertitta's delicatessen {home of the "muffy"}

Where did I go for lunch?
My coworker, Lauren, and I went to Fertitta's, which is located 1124 Fairfield Avenue, to try out the Home of the "Muffy." Established in 1923, this restaurant is now listed on the national registry of historical places!

How did we get there?
Parking is an interesting topic where I work. Meaning- in order to get to the office various steps are involved. This is Lauren waiting for that big white shuttle-bus to take us to the car. {fertitta's address in hand}

What did I order?
Why the ORIGINAL "MUFFY" of course! Created by PaPa Fertitta himself over 50 years ago!

That's right, people. I ate it! Well, technically we split it :)

Ran into some old friends - Will Whited & Justin Earnest- who were partaking in the deliciousness as well.

How cute is this place?!

I am definitely going back. No wonder it has been around for so long!

side note: You might be wondering if people look at me like I'm crazy taking all these pictures everywhere I go. The answer is yes. Yes, they do. Actually today I got, "You girls must not be from around here." I quickly replied, "Well sir, actually we are doing a review on restaurants in the area."

ahhh- loving life today.

*If you would like me to "review" any restaurants in the area, please leave a comment below and I will let you know what I think of the place. :) *


lrs said...

i love this, and i love us! the food was delicious and i had a great lunch today. can't wait for the next place.

purpledog46 said...

Food critic?? Dream job!!

Tison said...

Wow, what an extremely cute posting. Loved it!

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