Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i'm no julia childs

Right around the time I get off work is right around the time my stomach starts to grrrrowl. {ok, to be honest it is 4:30pm and it is starting to talk to me now} One would think I would learn this about myself and prepare for the inevitable. However, two problems tend to present themselves.
1. I don't plan ahead.
Please see pie chart of a procrastinator below:

and 2. I don't know how to cook. yes, yes- SHOCKING i know. Especially considering that my mother  has enough food for an army every night. Every night i tell you! (even now with only herself and my father to cook for)

Needless to say, when boyfriend is sick and hungry {like last night} the decision of what to eat turns into a rather complicated endeavor. I think I am waiting for Giada De Laurentis to knock on the door or something!
 "Oh, I was just in the neighborhood and had an itch to prepare a fabulous meal. Would you mind if I cooked for you two?" she would say.
{Doesn't she look so excited about it?}

While my fingers are crossed- the growling continues.......


Emily said...

What did you decide to cook? How did we end up 27 years old and not learn how to cook when both of our mothers cooked every night? strange....but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Lets take some cooking classes!!!!

purpledog46 said...

Oh Linz...you CAN cook...just get those CREATIVE juices flowing in the kitchen!

linz marie said...

Em- you are definitely not alone. I think Mom has too much confidence in me ;) Cooking classes are a GREAT idea. Good thing my supper club ended up being last night!

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