Monday, July 26, 2010

weekend round-up

Well folks, I had a major find during the garage saling on Sat morning. I found a polaroid 600 camera! Yay! I know some of you may be thinking "Why, isn't this a step backward?" And while some might think this, I am ecstatic about this instant film. I look forward to sharing some polaroids with you in the near future, but until then here are some photos of the weekend.

{My beautiful mother and I went to Milling Around to get ideas on how to turn trash-to-treasure with gorgeous fabric!}

{Next we went antiquing at Shreveport Trading Co- we had fun with the hats}

On Sunday, my friend Peter invited several of us out to the Red River on his shiny new boat. Given that I don't enjoy too many things more than being on the water, we went along for the ride.

{It wasn't 5 minutes after we were on the water that the water patrol was "pulling us over"
 to check registration and life jackets. :(
{we were one short}

{however, positive attitudes prevailed and we were still ready for fun on the red}

{Redneck Beach}

Thanks Peter. Can't wait to go again!


Sheena Harper Photography said...

Congrats on the find; I bet your gonna your love the polaroid 600 camera! Film can be so fun!!

PS. Milling Around looks super cool, is it in Shreveport?

Sheena Harper Photography said...

PS. Love the river pics, I miss the water! There aren't many options for wake-boarding much less getting on the water at all here in Colorado :(

linz marie said...

Hey Sheena,

Thanks for your comments! I took a couple of polaroids the other day, although i think the film that was in the camera has gone bad :( I hope you are having fun in Colorado. I love it there.

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