Thursday, July 1, 2010

today i was robbed. oh, and i started a blog.

I went to my car this morning to see my belongings thrown about the car as if they meant nothing. In fact, they didn't mean anything to the unknown person who rummaged through it looking for valuables. Lucky for them I left my ipod, my sister's ipod, and my boyfriend's ipod in the console. Man did he luck out!...I am letting this go- can't you tell! To quote the boy {who is responsible for lifting the gray cloud off my head today} "It will be alright. iPods are just things and things can be replaced. I am so glad they didn't take your wallet, credit cards, or even the whole damn car. What's that? Oh that, well, it's just the BRIGHT SIDE :)." Thanks for that. And Lauren thank you for making me laugh till I cried today. {You even fell OVER your chair!}

I have been scared of writing ever since I started being graded for it {which was a looooong time ago.} I can remember my favorite time to write was in 6th grade,Mrs. Loridan's class. We would get out our composition notebooks and for 5 minutes we would do "fast writing" or creative writing. Whatever came to your mind you would write it down- never stopping to think if it makes sense or how it all fits together.... ahh, the freedom! So, I look forward to this outlet as a way to express myself through words and pictures. Here's to YOU blog- Here's to creative writing- to freedom! :)
haha- I sound so intense.

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Diane said...

I love your blog! Very creative and artistic! Look forward to future entries!

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