Friday, November 15, 2013

lately through the linz...

life according to my iphone:

What can I say- pregnancy is tiring! By the time I have done the things, I am too tired to blog about doing the things! I have, however, been snapping photos along the way. Here is a "lately through the linz" update for ya...
We did some house hunting and we played some mini golf. I used this specially-for-me reserved parking.
I've craved burgers, I've watched my belly grow, I bought an outfit for little girl, and I have loved the fall.
We went to the new Dunkin' Donuts and it was so good- the chocolate filled ones are my new favorite, but their lattes are even better than their donuts!
We celebrated Andrew turning one, I visited Mom's Day Outs, I got to see baby girl sucking her thumb. AND we signed our lives away- err- I mean, bought a new house!
We said goodbye to the Dudley- my home for 5 years... we traveled to Canton and found this adorable halloween outfit for next year ;)
 We went on a road trip to Tahlequah, Oklahoma with Russell and Tiffany for Nick and Angie's wedding.
We held a successful work meeting, Tison finished the fence and the boys were welcomed into our new home, and I picked out chalk paint at Milling Around for the nursery furniture!
I read Divergent and loved it- Allison threw an amazing book club. We are currently reading Gone Girl.
We painted the nursery walls and the furniture and picked out bedding...
We celebrated Halloween at Kate's house with delicious treats and pumpkin carving.
 We made smores.
I went to Paul's wedding and watched Maggie dance, I started noticing Christmas items in stores already. We had special visitors from Chicago over for dinner. Aiden is such a precious baby girl! And Tison and I both dressed up for Halloween at work. Aren't we festive ;)
 Our friend Leslie threw a Halloween party and her house was decorated to the nines! Loved it. There was also a pretty heated debate about the rules of beer pong... yep, my husband led the discussion.
 The boys are having a ball in their new backyard. I am enjoying watching them play in this bigger space. We had the family over for 'family dinner' and Tison made homemade french onion soup!
I have been looking around at TJMaxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, and World Market for home decor ideas :)
I am 26 weeks pregnant! Whoohoo!
 And we are still going strong with Movie Night every Thursday- last night we watched White House Down (a very silly movie) while dining on bbq bacon wrapped chicken, bbq beans, salad, hawaiian rolls, and rice crispy treats (a very good meal)!

Well, there ya go! We are all up to date now :) xoxo


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