Thursday, November 7, 2013

baby blueprints...

Like most creative things, I procrastinate until I have a vision - and then once I "see" the space, I want to do it all in a day! Last weekend Mr. T and I painted the baby girl's nursery in Benjamin Moore's revere pewter. We are both in LOVE with this perfect neutral gray color.

The obvious next step is the furniture. After watching Annie Sloan chalk paint tutorials throughout my lunch break on Monday and Tuesday, I went to Milling Around on Tuesday night and purchased French Linen and Old White, the clear wax sealer, and an Annie Sloan brush to paint the glider, the bookshelf, the dresser/changing table, and 1930s bassinet I found in Canton, Tx. Once I started (at 6 pm) it was really hard to stop (at 12 am). With no prep work required with this amazing paint, I gave everything but the dresser a coat of paint and it looks fabulous. I will show you before and after pictures once I sand it to give it an antique finish and a clear wax it to seal it. I am going with very neutral and calming tones in the room - French Linen, Old White, Blush, and Gold Accents. I hope it is going to turn out very French Country, but we will see! We ordered the crib yesterday and it will be in Friday. Eeeek! T and I are super excited to see it all come together. I have pinned a million nurseries I love on Pinterest. This is a sketch I made of the layout I am going for in baby girl's nursery. (please no making fun of my drawing!)
I have been busy sending links to my mom and sisters to see what they think of crib bedding I have found online and getting their opinion on rugs, sconces, prints, basically everything... I am having so much fun dreaming up this little room that I decided to go ahead and draw out the front room as well. I don't have 1/2 the stuff I want to make it look this way, but that's the fun part - the search- right!?
I found out pretty quickly that I am really terrible at drawing chairs and anything to scale!
I am going to go with soft blues and tans in the front room area. This is my inspiration room from Blue Egg Brown Nest, whom I found on my crazy chalk paint youtube video time warp. She is just amazing.

Anyway, what do you think? Any tips on discount places to search for cool stuff in the Shreveport/Bossier area? I went to TJMaxx at lunch break today and had to walk away from some pretty pottery and glass vases... gotta finish that baby room before I move to another one! Hope everyone is doing well :) xoxo


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