Thursday, October 17, 2013

I've been nesting, what have you been up to?

We are in the new house! Thanks to many many helpful (and friendly) hands! To be honest, I was SHOCKED at all that happened the first weekend. Tison took off Friday and he and Cory started moving boxes during the day- the movers came on Saturday and by noon all our furniture was in place! Mom, Mrs. Chris, and Aunt Cyn started lining cabinets and organized my kitchen for me. Lauren, Mr. Tim, and Tison went back to Dudley to clean the place up before our final walk through. This pregnant gal with a sinus infection was no help. All I really used was my pointer finger and my brain all day. I was overwhelmed by everyone's kindness.

On Sunday night we had the family over and Dad treated us to Imperial Cathay... later we watched Dumb and Dumber while laying on the couch in our new den and I was in awe at what had taken place in the last 48 hours. I still kind of feel like we are house sitting in a home with our stuff in it, but with every passing day - it becomes more ours. The electrician, the roofer, and the cable guy have all come already. Our list of projects continues to get sliced off while also growing with more and more ideas. Home ownership - what an adventure.

{Lauren and David also brought us lunch from Jimmy Johns that fed us for days! Thanks, y'all.}
{check out that brand new fridge! The newest thing in the house!! We are very proud.}
{I plan to show up updates as we (if we ever have time to) get to each room.}

Two weekend ago was our annual trip to Canton Trade Days. (Perfect timing with a new home and baby on the way to look for treasures!) It was amazing as always. This is my third year to attend and I feel so lucky to be a part of this exclusive group :) It just does a heart, body, and soul good to spend time with these women. I found 2 rocking chairs, a book shelf, and an antique bassinet for baby girl. I can't wait to sand them down and repaint. I am really stumped at paint colors though, ya'll. There are REALLY a lot to choose from. How do you even start? I have been going to Pinterest for ideas, but I think it is making my decision even MORE difficult. I am considering having an interior designer come in as a one time consultant and just tell me what to do with everything, but I guess first-things-first I should get everything out of boxes!
 {The North LA crew aka The Hudson ladies picked up their own UHaul for the first time this year. It is funny that we thought we wouldn't even fill up the smallest one! Boy were we wrong!}
{I love getting ideas of how to paint furniture or decorate holiday displays.}
{beautiful crib ideas for baby girl}
{of course my favorite time is "Quilt Time" where we catch up over Prosecco and yummy snacks}
{Oh, Vals. You never disappoint. Just keep bringing those rolls out.}
{turkey leg lunch - and more evening quilt time!}
{because everyone was insistant I not lift anything- I wasn't much help loading our UHaul with treasures. I couldn't have been more proud of Lauren making it work! Plus-nothing was damaged on the travel back home. Way to go, girlfriend.}
{look at this ADORABLE Halloween outfit Mom got for baby girl- yes, this is for next year, but it might not have been there the next time around!}

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