Friday, October 25, 2013

Wheeling and dealing outside of Tahlequah...

Tiffany, Russell, T and I traveled to Oklahoma 2 weekends ago for our friends Nick and Angie's wedding. They got married in Nick's mom's backyard. This might have been my first backyard wedding experience and the setting was absolutely stunning. We drove down a long dirt road that brought us to the middle of nowhere outside of Tahlequah in the Cherokee Nation. We parked our cars and began the walk to the most alluring house surrounded by trickling creeks that swerve around the entire property. We arrived at night on Friday, so I didn't get the full experience until the next morning; however, Nick had lit the trees with twinkle lights which cast a yellow glow under the canapé of trees as we approached the home for dinner. When I entered the house I was welcomed in by Blythe Danner's twin (Nick's mother) who was behind an expansive kitchen counter covered with pots of the most delicious spaghetti I've ever eaten. Everyone made a plate and made themselves comfortable - settling into the wedding weekend.
{Tison's dream come true- a library ladder with books up to the ceiling, a case full of old tobacco pipes, an oversized chair in front of a fireplace, and a full bar!}
{Nick, Tison, and Ken}
{the reunited groomsmen}
{giggle fest on the patio- as expected}

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