Thursday, November 11, 2010

what? more eating?

We ate at The Publican on our last night in Chicago. It was one of the BEST restaurants I have EVER had the privilege of enjoying.
{to start- fresh oysters}
{next- yellowtail crudo with pumpkin seeds and pork rillettes}
{octopus, bollito misto, and boudin blanc- superb!}
{cauliflower and squash formado}
 {liquid desert was ordered for dessert - limoncello for the ladies and some sort of pirate rum for the gentlemen. The waiter walks by and drops of an apple-cherry tart and says, "Deal with it!" love it}

1 comment:

Tison said...

Seriously, the food at The Publican is beyond description. Everything was so unbelievably good. I have never had a meal like that before and now I am spoiled and have been ruined from eating at other places ever again.

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