Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, maybe I surf the web a lot and maybe when I find stuff I like, love, have-to-have, I email it to Tison :) For Christmas he surprised me with some awesome bear knit headphones (with a bright yellow bow) from Etsy. They are so silly and fun- I just love 'em! He also got me a much needed camera bag from Jo Totes that I have been drooling over so I can get all my camera stuff in order. You just wait unorganized self of 2010; you won't even recognize me in 2011. It is the year of preparedness, timeliness, and hear that self? 

{Maybe it pays off to be an expert surfer *wink}

Happy NEW YEAR dreamers!!
What are your plans?!

1 comment:

eire.erin said...

Too, too cute!! I love it :)

We're heading to Louisiana Downs around 10 if you guys don't have anything planned yet [but I'm sure you do :P]

Have fun and Happy New Year to you guys!!

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