Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lunches with Lauren & Lindsey

As seen in previous posts, my coworker, Lauren, and I like to get out of the office and try new places for lunch. The adventure is usually led by absurd, yet delicious, cravings of you-name-it! Here are a few pic's we snapped on our outings over the last few months :)

{Great place to grab lunch because you can view the exhibit on the first floor while you're there!}

Newk's To-Go

{It is hard to find a better quick salad than the one from Newks}

Brookshire's sushi rolls
{Sushi from either Kroger or Brookshires is something I crave quiet often!}
{If you order anything at Good Eats it must be the tomato basil soup. Now that's an order!}

Good times, good times.


lrs said...

i love this post

Krystal said...

ooo i LIKE that tradition!

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