Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Leave comment on the blog & WIN a clutch!!
Because I love these clutches that are handmade
by my extremely talented and crafty friend Diane
Because I love my fellow daydreamers i.e. blog readers
I want to give you a Christmas present!!!

To enter to win a Coventry Lane clutch all you have to do is tell me
about your favorite Christmas memory in the comments below.
One lucky reader will receive a clutch from Coventry Lane :)
I will announce the winner on Thursday, December 23, at 6pm Central Time,
so be sure to leave a comment before then!

ATTENTION all of you Christmas shopcrastinators (like me...) there is a deal for you at Coventry Lane as well! If you order a clutch on Etsy, starting now until Thursday at 6pm it will be wrapped and hand delivered to you 
before Christmas*
*if you live within the Shreveport/Bossier area.


Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

I'm making my favorite Christmas memories right now - it's my FIRST Christmas with my husband!

trippingtiffies said...

My boyfriends' nephew lost both of his grandparents before he turned 4, so he (the boyfriend) and I dedicate our Christmas to him, making sure he knows that he's loved by spending extra time with him at Christmas...cooking, decorating, wrapping gifts...& we make sure to let him know that his grandparents loved him very much.

That blue & white clutch is AMAZING by the way!


My fondest Christmas memory was after my parents divorced my Mother (the greatest woman on Earth) worked two jobs to ensure that we had a normal Christmas. We didn't realize that was the reason she was doing it until afterwards, we thought it was because she needed to do so to pay the bills. My Mother is an amazing woman and I love her so much!

RossT said...

Cool Bags!!

Emi said...

Super cute bags! Last year's snow in DFW was pretty memorable. I was working in TV and went to jail on Christmas to see how inmates celebrate. Not really "awww" but a funny Christmas memory!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linz!! I hate my for my first comment ever to be on a giveaway blog, haha. I look at your blog regularly and L-O-V-E all your gorgeous pictures and posts. I'm a very visual person so it's perfect for me :P hehe... So keep it up, love!

And as far as my favorite Christmas memory - It would have to be any one memory involving my little brother. This will be the first Christmas we spend apart and I'm taking it a tiny bit harder than I thought I would have, but nothing is better than gaining a family [The Kilpatricks] to make this holiday extra special <3

-Erin B.

Laura said...

I had no idea you made clutches, Diane. They are so cute! I will be sure to buy one from you soon. I am always looking for unique birthday gifts. As for Christmas memories...I can remember Christmas day a few years ago it snowed in New Orleans. Well, it was more like frozen rain that turned back into rain when it hit the ground, but you get the idea. It was magical to have such an unusual event happen on Christmas day and to be able to share it with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Laura Milazzo

Jordan Gedeon said...

Dear Lindsey, I don't want to say that my comment should count more since I'm making in from France, but....just kidding! All is fair in clutch give away competitions :) I have to say that my favorite Christmas memory is happening right now. My hubby and I are spending our honeymoon in France, and although we have had a very rocky start - delayed planes, lost luggage (carrying all the cute outfits I planned to wear on the honeymoon), long lines at every turn - we have each other and are having a splendid time. I know we will share this story with our children and laugh about our eventful/wonderful honeymoon.

PS - I love and miss you! Merry Christmas!!

Queen Halloween said...

Good seeing you today! I think they'll have a both ready for my little Zombees at the first of the year! I'm glad I went in [x2]!

Dear Husband is definitely making this Christmas my memorable. He has given me a gift every day since December 1st. I realize this means I shouldn't win this giveaway, but I thought I'd share anyway. He warms my icy heart.

See you tonight! I think we might make Russy cry with our gift; so, keep your camera handy ...

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