Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!
I had several days off work and enjoyed every minute of it! Nick (in from Little Rock, AR), Russell, Tison, and I created quite a great New Years experience. New Years Eve started off at George's Grill with grits, eggs, and buttered toast. We were all in the mood to go across the street to Campus Collectibles to look at records and such, which was followed by a comic book store. I had never been in one before. Whoa, was I surprised to see the enormous amount of comics available at this place! How would a person even know where to begin?!

I was still in the mood for antiquing and talked the guys into going to Caboose Antiques with is conveniently next to Oyster Bar and Grill. With all this shopping a margarita was a well deserved treat. :)

Following an afternoon nap, we went to our friend Kate and Brandon's house. We sat on the porch, and chatted about the hilarity of 2010... A cab picked everyone up to take us downtown to Fatty Arbuckles. The band Dirtfoot was playing and it was obvious that many people were excited about the bottle of champagne one received upon arrival.

The next few days were somewhat of a lazy blur. A lot of couch and coffee time with the dogs, movie watching, reading, taking down the Christmas tree, raking leaves, some Japanese AND Chinese food, as well as a home cooked meal with my mom and dad.

{BTW- We are dog sitting for our friends Cory and Shelley while they are in South Africa for 2 weeks. Watching four dogs has been loads of responsibility!}
{Mom's steak, homemade sour dough bread, and chocolate caramel cake were a wonderful way to bring in the new year!}

I hope this year is even BETTER than the last!

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Nick said...

I had such a blast! great pics

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