Thursday, December 2, 2010

dinner and decorating....

 I went to my parents last night for dinner and to help my mom decorate our, not one, but two Christmas trees. If there is any question about what Mrs. Claus' first name is, it is Virginia Diane. The day after Thanksgiving all the storage, that has been busting at the seams with ornaments, lights, ribbons, santas, etc. since last year, is brought out. One would think that you would need all the little elves in the North Pole to handle these Christmas decorations, but no. It is usually just Mrs. Claus. Mom, I love you and without all of this it would not feel like Christmas. God Bless you.

I was asked to help fluff the trees and hang ornaments. We have had fake trees since the year we thought our tree was just extremely thirsty, but in reality there was a crack in the stand and all the water had been soaking  into the floor. By the time the situation was realized the wood floor was ruined!! (No more real trees for the Hudsons.)

Where was I? Right, fluffing. Ok, fluffing. Check. Ornaments, seems like an easy task right? Wrong. It might be easy for some people, but for me (a procrastinating perfectionist) I wanted to make sure the tree had a  balance of red vs. gold ornaments. Then of course every ornament has a story to tell and I got to pick a special place for each one... (all 200 of them!)Two and a half hours later I stood back in wonder and appreciation.
Here are a few pictures of my favorite ornaments:
{How cute and special is this one on the left! That is a lot of Christmases together you two!}

{I remember pretending as a kid that the little ladies on the right were me and my sisters.}

My mom has been collecting a few of the Danbury Mint
gold ornaments every year since my sisters and I were little. 
Now we each have a box of our own for our individual Christmas trees.
These ornaments are the most detailed and sparkly ornaments on the tree!
I am officially in the Christmas spirit!

ps: Tree #2 lost it's stand somewhere amidst the winter wonderland, but my dad wrestled the thing into sturdy and straight submission after much concentrated effort and a little sweat. Way to go!

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styleforlife said...

Love it...Christmas! yay! :-)
xx Emily

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