Thursday, May 31, 2012

Riverfest: day 2

Day two of Riverfest began with the duck parade in the lobby. There was a Duck Master and everything. I had been excited about this since Tison told me we were going to the Peabody! My mom took me and my sisters to the Memphis Peabody when we were younger and I swear I had the same level excitement this time around.The ducks were escorted down the elevator to the red carpet directing the ducks to their fountain. My favorite part was seeing their little heads poke up from the glass in the elevator.
 After a looooong wait for a taxi, we met up with Nick and his sister Jess for breakfast at B-Side.
Since Russell was literally ridiculed by the owner for ordering the frittata, it is not featured here. Jeez, Russ. Make better decisions! haha
The afternoon was spent on the patio at The Faded Rose meeting Nick's girlfriend and drinking Dirty Shirleys. After a message from President Clinton in the shuttle, we headed to the river.
{fresh lemonade stands, pretty hats with umbrellas, kids on leashes, and fish in a trailer}
{chainsaws making bears out of wood logs, babies with balloons, pretty views, beer stands as far as the eye can see, mustard brush on corn dogs, and chicken on a stick}
We listened to Mute Math while napping in the shade on the long lawn away from the stage. The weather could NOT have been better. Thanks for bringing a blanket, Jess!
I took a walk across the bridge at sunset. This is where I took most of my pictures. I am a sucker for sunsets on water.
{William Clinton Presidential Library}
 After deciding not to pay $25 a head cover to sit on the patio at Bosco's, we went to Gusano's. For some reason we had it out to eat calzones Saturday night. I am sure the waitress was all but amused when we kept asking for it. The man playing the steel drums rocked it!

I am off to a silent retreat in Metairie, LA tomorrow morning. That means NO TALKING to anyone at all for days. This is going to be interesting. When I get back I will have the final Riverfest installment up. How does, say, Monday sound to you?

xo dreamers.

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