Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Riverfest: day 1

Leaving town by midday on Friday to begin the Memorial Day road trip was brilliant. This is true not only because we made it to Little Rock before dark, but also because we got to lunch at Burge's in Lewisville- my favorite BBQ restaurant!
...aaaand now my mouth is watering for more. Burge's was just the beginning of my weekend of overeating.When we arrived at The Peabody, a plan for the evening was mapped out.
That plan was to head to the Mallard Bar inside The Peabody!
The house cab was gross. I mean unfinishable-gross. So, we went on....
 The Flying Saucer became our home away from home for the weekend. We're a bunch of beerknurds. So many beers to try, so little time ;) Plus, it was right down the road from Riverfest.
I'm pretty sure these two bought out this t-shirt shop. Boyz2Men sounded just like I remembered them in middle school when I was crushing on ______. I can't tell you! What if he reads the blog! haha
 Tison was a really good sport. Poor thing had a fever through most of the evenings activities and skipped out on Ernie Biggs Piano Bar. I hate it for him because we had a blast! That guy played some sexy sax!
This piano duel included Kiss the Girl (which we requested), into Hello Darling, into You Never Even Called Me by My Name. As Russell described it on twitter, " scrumtrulescent;" enough said.

I'll have a Riverfest: day 2 post tomorrow evening! See y'all then.


Josh L. said...

It's okay to mention me in your blog =]

jcapps said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait to see day 2. So good to meet and kick it with you all weekend!

Claire Jain said...

Ah, good times in the Bluff City. As often as I drove back and forth through Arkansas on the way to Memphis, I never stopped at Burge's. Of course, I was usually traveling solo and presumed myself in some sort of a hurry. I do have fond memories of the Flying Saucer when Aman came to Memphis to visit once. At the Peabody, though, I drank a mint julep when Mom, Dad, and Paige were in town. The drink wasn't that memorable, but I love my duck umbrella (aka duckbrella) from the gift shop there. Now if only I could find it. It seems to be hiding after the drought in Austin last summer ;-)

DJ said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe I've never heard of RiverFest before.

Ooh... I LOVE Burge's. Too bad I'll be passing through there at like 8 am on our way up to move... is that too early for a smoked turkey sandwich?!

I'm so jealous you saw Boyz II Men!! I hope they sang I'll Make Love to You - that's my favorite.

Hena Tayeb said...

looks like a blast

linz marie said...

wow! 5 comments! Thanks ladies! :) Burge's is da bomb. Daci you should just wait in the parking lot until they open-ha. Jess- so nice meeting you! I had so much fun this weekend! Claire- Now I totally regret not getting a duckbrella!!

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