Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother's day 2012

Tison and I decided to host Mother's Day at the house for both of our families this year. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous when he mentioned the idea a few weeks ago. My thoughts drifted from: "How are we going to fit 12 people at the dining room table?" to "Do we have enough silverware?"and "OMG- I need to clean the bathroom... and locate the floor in my bedroom!" He knows by now that if there is a way to get the house sparkling clean, it's to invite people over. I turn into Miss Merry Maid herself (or miss OCD).  Anyway, I wanted the four Moms that were joining us to feel special and appreciated. We grilled chicken, made potato salad, and rolls. The rest of the "kids" brought salad, broccoli and cheese casserole, baked beans, 7 layer dip, cookies, cupcakes, Amish cake, and Strawn's strawberry pie! My absolute favorite part of the day was sitting in my living room with Lauren, Leslie, and Mom. The record player was turning The Hollies and we were dancing like fools on the Barney show to entertain Hudson. He was giggling the cutest laugh imaginable. It was like we all realized how ridiculous we were acting at one time and busted out laughing- that good full laugh that you feel all the way down to your toes. aaahhh, it was magnificent. This is what life is about, these little moments.

Happy Mother's Day to the Queens of the Day: Mom, Lauren, Mrs. Chris, and Mrs. Peggy!
I hope you all had a wonderful day; I know I did. xoxo


1 comment:

siddathornton said...

hahaha, i love the pic of mr. butters & sausage bear!

also, i love the crowns - so cute :)

- l

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