Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I realized today that I took 676 pictures in Little Rock, AR this weekend. I just cannot imagine trying to edit and select images for a blog post today. just.can't.do.it. Maybe inspiration, imagination, and patience will abound tomorrow, but for today I leave you with this adorable image of Ty and I at Riverfest in front of what is said to be the little rock!
 {Thank you to random stranger who asked if we would like our picture together.}
 So, I need to ask y'all a question. As you can see in the picture above, it is time to get my roots done. I plan on making an appointment before our trip to Walt Disney World on June 12th. Should I keep going with the red/auburn look or go back to brunette? I need some advice. I really like both! help!

other links I enjoyed today as I put off work like it was the plague:
- the summer clothing recommendations from madwell.com
- the time management tips from Red Velvet
- visiting my dear friend Lauren online. I miss her so much!
- summery sounding beats like this Noah And The Whale song
- and this colorful, casual, romantic wedding video. I love anything Landshark or Sharkpig do.

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