Tuesday, November 23, 2010

give thanks...

I am sure every family has their own way of celebrating and sharing the holidays together. Growing up I couldn't imagine spending the holidays doing anything other than helping Mom in the kitchen and having everyone around the dining room table{that is only used for special occasions}; however, times changed, people grow up and traditions are altered to accomodate our lifestyles. This year my brother in law and my sister are going to be with his side of the family for Thanksgiving {which means she will be in town for Christmas-woohoooo!} I will be joining my boyfriend's family in Arkansas where they have rented a little cabin by the lake. Luckily Lauren and David were in town this last weekend and we were able to have an early "Thanksgiving" dinner at Mom and Dad's. 
{I got to see Lauren's growing belly :) and in true Mother form
the house was decorated like the fall section at Michaels.}
{I tried a new recipe: Roasted Acorn Squash and Garlic Mash - It was a hit!}
{Mom found these cute butterfly baby shoes*the baby boy version with trains is coming in the mail}
{there was dancing...}
{and lots of eating! I looove the holidays!}

Leslie wasn't able to make it for early thanksgiving because she was working and is coming in town for the actual holiday! We missed you, Les.

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Fred Blinkerton said...

Your family looks great. Sharing memories is something I cherish as well. Good times. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your boyfriend sounds awesome!

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