Wednesday, November 10, 2010

attention everyone: I am not on a blog strike

However, this IS the longest time I have gone since starting the blog in June that I have NOT updated!!! Thank you for missing me while I was in Chicago. I haven't taken a vacation from work since January to visit my sister and brother in law in Denver with Les.

I had the MOST fun in Chicago with Jordan and Patrick. They are SUPER fun and I loved all of their wonderful friends! I had {for some reason} in my mind that a big city like Chicago would be confusing and scary and I would get kind of lost and scared....BUT that was not the case AT ALL while I was visiting. It turned out to be one of the most enchanting places... I could actually imagine myself living there on a day to day basis.

I took "the big camera," "the pocket camera," and my IPhone to take pictures. I used facebook and twitter as I traveled on my 6 day trip. I have to say- I really enjoyed updating pictures and tweets through those online sources. Why are not as many people on twitter as I would like to keep up with? Come on family and friends- just give it a try! It is addicting :)

Maybe it is because I was gone so long- or maybe it is because my house was really dirty, but I spent all my time today {my last day off work} "detailing" the house with bleach, Endust, and a broom that I didn't get to go through my photos yet. SO, I will leave you with this one from my IPhone and tell you that I WILL MOST DEFINITELY be uploading photos tomorrow. 

Thanks for visiting. Much love.

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