Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pumpkin tricks & treats...

 {You are such a great host Daci!! Everything was wonderful.}
 {loved those homemade cinnamon rolls}
 {found a carving idea in the October Martha Stewart Living magazine that I thought would be fun}
 {Natalie and Kanishk are hard at work on their pumpkins}
 {Daci painted hers gold and Diane is carving her design- good job!}
{Martha's witch proved to be quite the project. Tison had never carved a pumpkin before...maybe I should have stuck with something easier!!}
{I finished her up last night- not exactly as I had planned it, but it works :) }

ps- the inside of pumpkins STINK!


lrs said...

i LOVE those frames!

DJ said...

I'm so glad I actually had an excuse to decorate my house for Halloween! I'm already planning another get together at my house -- a cold weather celebration :)

PS I get all of my recipes from annies-eats.com. She NEVER lets me down. Plus she is like superwoman - pediatric resident, mom to a toddler, crazy good food photographer, and cancer survivor who has time to cook, bake, decorate, make baby food... I don't think she sleeps.

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