Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mama Said:

Two of my favorite things are: (1) the privilege of sharing that special moment when two people proclaim their love and commitment to one another in their vows of holy matrimony. And (2) the look on the face of a new mom and dad as they peer into the face of their newborn baby.

This past weekend I had the honor to experience the first at the wedding of two very special people, Jill and Andrew (the new Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hoffman).

The ceremony was performed in St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Old Town, Virginia. It was followed by a reception at Collingwood Museum, which is located on the Potomac River. My rose colored glasses did not obscure my view of this beautiful young bride with her handsome groom in the perfect setting, surrounded by friends and family that love and wish them well. Gives you goose bumps doesn’t it?

From the rehearsal dinner to the wedding, the reception, and finally the LSU/Florida game party (and LSU win!) - the weekend was wonderful and a good time was had by all!

Perhaps weddings are the perfect opportunity to reflect on priorities...times to remember the ones we love...times to look around and know how blessed you are.

The fact that two middle-aged (I refuse to say “old”) people can still look at each other after almost 29 years and say, “I’d do it ALL again.”- that, dear Jill and what it’s all about!

Enjoy the journey!!

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