Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fabulous Crewe of Canton {26 Year Tradition}

by: Lady Di {aka Virginia Diane, Mrs. Hudson, Nurse Diane, and Mom}

What started 26 years ago as a way for four sisters scattered across the nation to reunite for one weekend of "sisterhood" has evolved to include one "soul sister" (me) and our adult daughters and daughter-in-laws.

Money is saved all year long to purchase "the treasures" and no children (or husbands) allowed. Adult children are included once they are "employed and bringing their own funds"!

In the beginning there were walkie talkies and call names. The call names have endured and each "newbie" member secures hers by vote on the second night of the adventure. The walkie talkies have,of course, been replaced by cell phones.
Founding members are known collectively as "the Guard", daughters once reaching the age of 30 "the Middle Guard" and our youngest daughters and daughter-in-laws...the "New Guard".

Matching tee shirts began as a way of finding each other in the crowd and that too has evolved; from honoring mom's with Alzheimer's shirts to the traditional "game day LSU fighting tiger" shirts.

As the wine flows this group of women have shared everything from divorce, births, deaths and Katrina. As the adventure ends and the U-Haul is loaded each woman leaves with a smile and memories to share. The bonds formed continues to give depth and meaning to the word "family"; both those we are born with and those we choose.


DJ said...

This is adorable!! My friends and I have started doing something sort of similar (http://werejustdandy.blogspot.com/2010/03/daci-out.html) and I can only hope it lasts long enough to include adult daughters!

lrs said...

i love the way this is written - i feel like i'im reading a rebecca wells novel, and she is my favorite writer!

susan said...

Lady Di has lots of titles but I didn't see one that said "grandma". She's no "grandma" so what's the new title to be ?

linz marie said...

That's a good question Aunt Susan! I have heard the name De-De thrown around recently...but i figure it will be whatever the baby can pronounce! ha.

Emily said...

Looks like so much fun! I want to be a part of this awesome group, I mean who better to learn shopping from than Lady DI?!!!!! I absolutely ADORE YOUR MOMMA Linds! Tell her hey for me :)

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