Friday, June 14, 2013

wedding update: rehearsal dinner

Typical Lindsey style, I was late to the rehearsal at the church on Friday night. Weeeell, honestly if I was there at 5:35 pm and it started at 5:30 pm, is that late? Apparently everyone kept reassuring Mr. T that I was coming. He told me later that he would have been MORE nervous if I was actually on time! I mean- does he know me or what?
Our rehearsal was held at Ralph & Kacoo's. The Tison family graciously hosted a wonderful dinner and aren't these table arrangements the cutest? Mr. T's cousin, Megan, did such a wonderful job. Love is in the details!
Look at these proud parents ;)
So thankful to have so many wonderful people present to support our marriage!
Our friends came in from all over to show their love- it brings tears to my eyes!
My beautiful bridesmaids and most of their mates- even baby Aiden - made it! 
Jordan and Patrick, y'all are such troopers!
And then there were toasts...OH the toasts...Sister HUGS!!! I love these ladies so much!
 I can't even explain how it made me feel to hear such out pouring of love and encouragement from my friends - my sisters and brothers. I will never forget it. I can't believe I was worried no one would say anything!
I have to admit I was expecting a lot from my dad and he did not disappoint! He is always such a wordsmith and he wrote a poem for the night that not only made me cry, but embarrassed the pants off me! (notice everyone laughing as I cover my face...) Good one, Daddy-O. ;)
My mother gave the most eloquent and heartfelt speech I have ever heard - even my girlfriends were tearing up. Mrs. Chris expressed her love and faith that shined through her spirit. And my beloved- he just said it like it is- he said he knew, he always knew - we were supposed to be together. I truly love this man.
What can I say?? We are super-dooper-ooper blessed to have so many loved ones. What a wonderful night. Thanks to all!

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LesMess said...

Jeez Linds, you had me tearing up! Good one.. love ya

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