Tuesday, June 11, 2013

making a house a home...

Things are beginning to settle down around here- post wedding and honeymoon. I am excited to share all of the stories and photos with you detailing our beautiful wedding day and adventurous road trip! If you know me at all, you know that I took a gazillion pictures of the trip and I just haven't been able to organize them yet into a blog post. However, that day is coming soon. What I have been doing is organizing our little house and making it cozy with all the wonderfully generous items our friends and family gifted us with over the last year.

When we got back from our honeymoon and picked up all the boxes from my mom's house, I was so anxious to set the table with our new placemats, napkins, plates, and silverware that once I did, we scheduled two dinner parties! I have christened the bread maker and the pistachio green kitchenaid mixer with pizza and a strawberry cake. I am looking forward to making popcorn with our whirley pop gadget and experimenting with our new ice cream maker! Mr. T is in the process of growing some watermelons and I am kind of hoping to make homemade popsicles out of them. I feel so inspired by all of these new kitchen accessories! My grandmother was a home economics teacher and my mom is the queen of the kitchen, so surely there is some of that in my genes, right?

My new role as a wife is different than a girlfriend or fiance, there's a lot of weight in that title -but the day-to-day stuff is a lot of the same- in a good way! I continue to ask myself, "What can I do for Tison today? How can I show him I love him right now?" This next chapter in our lives has so much potential and is filled with an ocean of possibilities. Talking with my husband about our future goals- sharing our dreams and encouraging one another to reach them...these are the things that make life worth living. This creative, positive, loving energy that is alive in our conversations inspires me daily. Can you tell my love language is quality time??

(yes, I still have some work to do on my baking techniques...but it was tasty!)

*photos from this weekend

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siddathornton said...

you are the cutest thing i've ever seen! and that strawberry cake? my mouth is watering.

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