Thursday, December 20, 2012

make just one someone happy...

make just one (or two) someone(s) happy...and you will be happy, too!

As I have mentioned before here & here, Mom and Leslie share the same birthday. I don't know if you watched the latest Happy Endings (I adore this show), but it went into detail about having a birthday on or close to Christmas. You know, these two are such good sports about the whole thing. I don't think I have heard either of them complain about it's proximity to Jesus' b-day! Many birthday blessings beautiful ladies.

{They chose takie-outie from Imperial - general tso's chicken, moo shu, and crab rangoon.}
{Hudson LOVED it too! He kept saying "maoww-maoww"}
{aand, let's be honest- if you're getting a cookie cake, you have to go Great American. Yep, it's still open in the mall.}
Tison's mom's birthday is also the same day as Leslie and my mom's- Isn't that crazy!?

Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you, HEY!

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