Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a cozy cookie exchange...

Every month when I show up for book club I am amazed at it's growth. It never looks exactly the same- the faces or the houses. Each month a new girl hosts the conversation, and practically each month someone invites a newbie to the club; it is an ever evolving group of entertaining ladies. I find myself talking about this little group of ours to other people in my life in between our once a month gathering, realizing just how much I look forward to our meet ups. I was telling Katie one day (who is also in the group) how book club always seems to come up randomly in conversation when people ask 'what are you up to' and how I feel like such a dork when it happens... her response, "well, you have to be a little bit of a dork to be in a book club in the first place!" So true, so true.

This month we read "Up for Renewal." This is the first time, in over a year that we have been meeting, that I haven't attempted the book. I don't know where the time went, but all of a sudden- we were meeting and the only thing I had time for was to make my 3 dozen cookies for our second annual cookie exchange!

{my cookies are the 'dipped in snow, smurf wafers' on the right. Nutter butter, white chocolate, with sprinkles- They were a no-baking-required hit!}
{a plate full of cookies and a tall glass of wine- could you ask for anything more?}
{sweet Kathryn is eating for 2 ;) }
{our gracious hostess, Beth Ann, led us in discussion about the influence of women's magazines, our relationships with our mothers, opinions on dating younger men, and other riveting topics.}
{before we left, we all filled a bag with an assortment of delicious holiday treats. As a side note: I reluctantly recommend this bottle of Sebastiani Merlot 2006, because I want to have it all for myself- it was perfection. When Rich got home from work, which cookie did he try? That's right- my smurf wafer. I don't need to describe how amazing it is- I mean, his face says it all.}


lrs said...
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siddathornton said...

i'm going to have to start a book club out here & emulate y'all's meetings, i miss them so much! i loved cookie exchange last year, & it looks like it was fabulous this year too!

love your cookies!

linz marie said...

Thanks, Sidda! It was fun- but will never be the same without you. I wish you were in town for Christmas this year and I could give you the leftover cookies! haha- xo

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