Monday, December 17, 2012

mistletoe and mustaches...

Our family's Annual Holiday Gathering was this weekend. I tend to forget from year to year just how much effort it takes to put this thing on. I mean, it is worth it, but prepping food for large numbers is certainly a gesture of love. Mom, Leslie and I turned the kitchen into an assembly line of cooks - stayed up to the wee hours of the morning prepping on Friday night and Mom spending most of Saturday getting everything oven ready.  Mom- I seriously don't know how you used to do this alone!!! You amaze me everyday.

I'd like to say thank you to Tison for helping out in the kitchen during the party on Saturday. When the doorbell started ringing with guests arriving, hardly anything was on the table! Thank God for Mom's double ovens- things were on every rack! To our surprise we opened the oven to smoke billowing out causing the kitchen to smell like burnt plastic, and in the process I got grease on my new holiday frock! I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed to say the least. And I look over at him, all calm and collected, (he used to work in the food industry and I assume is used to this time crunch frenzy.) I'm amazing at the yin and yang of our relationship. I am so thankful that when I am frenzied, he is calm and visa versa.

With all the commotion setting out the finger food and drink options for our guests, I forgot to snap photos of the table arrangements. Can you believe it!? ME- forgetting to take pictures. I swear... here are a few towards the end of the party :)
{Leslie, Mom, Lauren, Me, and Rosie!}

Tison and I left Mom and Dad's house for our next stop, the Mistletoe and Mustache Mixer! - Leaving Lauren and Mom with all the dishes - OOPS!
{Some people came with their mustaches attached (Russell), while others had to hold theirs on with a stick! The girls had the house looking so festive. There was even karaoke -haha!}
 I hope your weekend of Christmas parties was joy filled!

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