Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life!

My sister Leslie and my Mom share the same birthday on December 18th. It is pretty cute how it worked out that way. Mom always says, "She's the best birthday present I ever got!" and "No, it's not my birthday-it's yours!" As I mentioned here It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies, but for my mom- it IS THE MOVIE of Christmas. We can't watch it without crying every time. On their birthday this year we surprised Mom by attending the local play "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Emmett Hook Center in downtown Shreveport. When we arrived, we showed her the play poster to explain to her why she was there. She literally screamed in excitement! Priceless.
While we were enjoying the theatrics, David Marshall and my Dad were cooking dinner. When we got home the appetizers were prepared, gumbo was looking delicious on the stove, and the blueberry pound cake was ready for candles! My dad even made potato salad all while watching baby Hudson! I was so impressed. Not only did it look and smell good- it tasted wonderful! You guys are in trouble now!
Cards are very important to this household...
and you can always guarantee a handmade one from Mom.
After they opened their presents, we wrapped some gifts for our adopted family for Christmas.
Happy Birthday you two!
...and may all of you be dazzled this Christmas holiday :)


siddathornton said...

yay! happy birthday to them both! :)

the lovebirds said...

What cute photos! And I agree- cards are so important! :) happy birthday to them, and merry Christmas to you! Xo

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